Working together, we can save lives.




raised to date from foundations, businesses and individuals.


in matching funds provided by United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg


in grants awarded so far to organizations assisting with emergency response


Launched with contributions from 18 regional foundations and businesses, the Central Virginia COVID-19 Response Fund is a coordinated campaign to provide rapid support for local organizations helping those most affected by the pandemic. As a community, we will get through this…together. Join us as we strive to do the most good for the most people.

For donations, you will be directed to a secure payment site hosted by United Way.


In-Kind Donations

The Incident Management Team for the counties of Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover and Henrico and the City of Richmond is accepting donations from business, commercial and medical organizations. See what they need by clicking below.

HandsOn Greater Richmond is coordinating the collection of essential needed supplies for community-based organizations.

See what they need by accessing the Materials Inventory below.

Volunteer Your Time

HandsOn Greater Richmond is working closely with organizations providing essential services. Learn how you can help through in-person or virtual volunteering, and sign up today.


Created through a partnership between the Community Foundation and the Emergency Management Alliance of Central Virginia, the fund is designed to mobilize and distribute resources to initially address immediate response. We help organizations and nonprofits that address critical needs such as food and housing access, health care, childcare, senior care, and safety supplies. As funds are collected, an advisory committee distributes grants where they can have the greatest impact.

To see grants awarded to date, click here.


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Thank you to our founding contributors:

Atlantic Union Bank
Bank of America
Cabell Foundation
Capital One
Community Foundation
Dominion Energy
Jenkins Foundation
Mary Morton Parsons Foundation
Robins Foundation
United Way
VCU Health
Wells Fargo